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UV Tinting & Sun Protection

Whilst the sun provides life, it also can be harmful and result in nasty burns. Have you ever been burnt after a long drive in a vehicle, or whilst sitting at the window of a restaurant? If the windows had been tinted this could have been avoided.

  • Helps block UVB & UVA radiation
  • Reduce your risk of cancer
  • Reduce the signs of ageing

While sitting in your home near the window, you might feel the intense heat all around. Or while driving you might become uncomfortable as more and more heat enters the car through the windows. All this is due to excessive heat entering through your ordinary glass windows.

Ordinary glass also does not provide protection against menacing UV radiations.

Use Window Tinting Services

You might be facing this issue. If so, then window tinting can solve your problems. To protect yourself from UV rays, or to reduce the heat, window tinting is what you need.

Acquire Our Services

Whether it is your home, or your car, Fox tinting has the solution for both. We use modern methods and techniques to tint your windows and make them resistant to heat and UV rays.

  • UV radiations are always harmful and can cause cancer on too much exposure. Our tinting treatment for the windows will keep you protected from such dangerous rays.
  • Your house furniture may get faded and all this is caused due to too much heat and sunshine. After windows tinting, your furniture will be saved from fading.
  • Your house is too hot at present because of ordinary glass. We assure that our tinting services will bring a cooler and pleasant environment in your house.