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Security Film Tinting

To give you extra added piece of mind, security film tinting can give you all the benefits of normal tinting, including UV protection, with the added bonus of holding shattered glass together, in the even of break ins.

  • Provides extra security for your home, office or car
  • Thicker layer of film which holds shattered glass together
  • Available in multiple shades, as well as a clear coating


Everyone demands the security and protection. You want to keep your family and assets safe from all types of security threats. To ensure such security within your house, your windows need to be protective and free from any possibility of breach.

Use Security Film For Windows

You might be facing this security issue, but don’t worry, Fox Tinting has, what it takes to ensure your house security. A security film will bring complete security to your home. These security films save the glass from shattering.

Acquire Our Services

Fox Tinting has skilled professionals who can install security film to your windows to make them resistant to any type of force. This thin security film will act like a protective shield for your windows.

Protection from External Intrusion

If any force is applied by someone on the window, this film will keep the glass intact even if it has broken. In this way, you will be safe from any external intrusion. We ensure that you don’t need to worry about the glass breakage anymore.

Protection from UV

UV radiations can bring a lot of harm to your house interior as well as your house items. Our security film treatment for the windows will keep your house interior protected from the adverse effects of UV.