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House or Home Tinting

Your home is your sanctuary, and the addition of tinting on your windows will reduce your electricity bill as your home will be cooler during the summer months, so you won’t have to reach for the air con remote

  • Reduces fading on furniture
  • Provides UV protection
  • Consider Security Film Tinting to increase the security in your home


You love your house and want to see it perfect all the time. To make your house look more appealing, you might have very appealing windows. Sunshine entering from these windows brings an aesthetic look to the house. But, sometimes you might feel that too much sunshine is entering the house, making the house interior way too hot and humid.

Windows Tinting Is Your Solution

If you are facing such an issue, then don’t worry, we have just the right solution for you. Residential window tinting can reduce the sunshine entering the house through windows. These tinted windows will regulate the heat in your home.

Acquire Our Services

Fox Tinting is offering home tinting services to its dedicated customers to reduce their cooling expenses that they might have to bear due to the intense heat entering their house through windows.

Protection from UV

UV radiations are quite harmful for you as well as your house items. Our tinting treatment for the windows will keep your house interior protected from the damaging effects of UV.

No Furniture Fading

Fading is caused due to too much heat and sunshine. After windows tinting, your furniture will be saved from getting faded.

Cooler Environment

It was due to excessive heat and sunshine entering through the window that your house environment was way too hot. We assure that our tinting services bring a cooler and pleasant environment in your house.