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Protect yourself and your passengers from the sun’s harmful rays.

  • Prevents sun damage to your skin which can lead to premature signs of ageing
  • Keeps your car cooler
  • Different levels of tint available – choose a shade that suits you!

You have your dream car, but while driving it, you feel that the car gets heated up inside. You want a smooth and relaxing car drive, but this heating issue is making you more uncomfortable.

Go for Window Tinting

To cope with this issue, window tinting is the best solution. Rather than using ordinary glass that does not resist the glare entering the car and is also less durable, you should opt for tinted windows.

We Offer Car Tinting Services

Are you looking for the service provider offering the services you desire? Fox tinting is at your service right away. We offer quality tinting services and handle everything with professionalism. Leave us with your car and we will make it more comfortable and sleek.

Reduced heat

Ordinary window glass lets the heat enter the car easily making the inner atmosphere hot. To make the inner environment cool, we tint the car windows, making your drive comfortable again.

Durable Glass

The tinted glass is always durable and long-lasting. It can resist the forces and small damages easily without breaking.

Protection from UV

UV radiations entering your car through windows can prove to be harmful. To reduce these harmful radiations, we apply the tint treatment to the car.