About Fox Tinting

We are a national company and our mission is to improve peoples lives whether it be for style reasons, family safety, security or just being comfortable. When we first entered the market, we realised there were quite a few inferior products and installers. Our determination then turned to locating the best tinting solutions so that clients can have a product that last.

Fox Tinting Have Franchisees across Australia.

We are national but also local. We care about the impact to the environment and have an environmental friendly installation and product choice policy.  Each business owner runs their own Fox Tinting franchise locally offering you the choice and availability of our brand solutions.

Why The Fox Name?

We chose Fox Tinting as our brand name as it demonstrates that we are quick and efficient. We also pride our team on our fresh and certified installation system and intelligent tinting solutions.

As we grew from the need of inefficient installation and products on the market, we researched and found the best products on the market.  Like a fox being cunning (having or showing skill in achieving one’s ends by deceit or evasion) we too managed to succeed in achieving the results we had intended.

We now have some of the best products and installers in the industry, healthily beating competitors.

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